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Consider this: more than 30% of businesses that close due to a disaster event never re-open. What would you do if the building your business is located within was damaged or destroyed in a disaster? Do you have a plan to continue providing your customers with your business services? Would you be prepared and have the correct resources, databases, contact information, and other necessary items to adapt to these changes? Having an emergency disaster plan that identifies these important items will help ensure your business is prepared to survive during unexpected and difficult times! Remember, the best way for your business to survive the effects of a major disaster is to be prepared before a disaster happens. Resources for creating an action plan can be found on FEMA and OSHA's websites. The city of Houston also offers an emergency planning manual designed specifically for businesses, titled Hurricane Preparedness.

For minor emergencies, Marton Roofing Industries, LTD offers 24/7/365 response through our contact page. We guarantee response to all commercial roofing emergencies within 30 minutes, no matter the day or time. Whatever the situation, having a plan is the most important step in mitigating the consequences of a natural disaster.

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The most common problem found on existing roofs is the lack of a positive slope. This, of course, leads to ponding, and eventually, leaks. While some building owners simply tear off the old roof and start the process all over again, we are seeing more and more of our customers and engineers opt for installing a lightweight insulating concrete system. Unlike a tapered or rigid board system, which can be impossible to predict, a concrete system creates a lasting and solid positive slope to drain by correcting the substrate's irregularities. No more ponding... ever. A concrete system is virtually impervious to moisture degradation. And in some cases, the lightweight concrete can be applied directly on top of the existing roof, eliminating a costly and disruptive tear-off that goes straight to a landfill. A lightweight concrete system could be the last insulating system you have to buy for your building.

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Over the past two years, Marton Roofing Industries, LTD has seen an enormous increase in the amount of coatings we apply to existing roofs. And given the economy, it's no wonder why. Coatings can not only save your current roof from having to be replaced; they also help our customers save big on energy and achieve their LEED, energy consumption, and COOL ROOF goals.

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Property managers and building owners are saving millions of dollars every year with infrared testing of their low-slope commercial roofs. Professional infrared roof inspections can substantially reduce your roof repair and replacement costs by highlighting problem areas for more efficient and effective repair, thus creating huge money saving solutions. Trained thermographers use state-of-the-art cameras to capture the "thermal signature" of the roof's nighttime heat loss. The infrared image exposes the extent of moisture damage and wet insulation within the roof. Inspection teams precisely mark out the damaged areas on the roof surface, so you can save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs or replacements. Infrared roof scans can also be a big help in locating the source of inconspicuous roof leaks. Infrared thermography is a proven scientific method for evaluating roofing conditions. Professional infrared roof inspections provide the in-depth, unbiased information that owners and facility managers need to improve their roof system, the most critical and expensive asset of most buildings. To learn more or to schedule an inspection, contact fmatias@mritexas.com.